We are thrilled to announce Swisscontact as our first sponsor of the Myanmar Responsible Tourism Awards 2017.


28 July 2017

We are delighted to announce that Swisscontact will be a Gold Sponsor of the Myanmar Responsible Tourism Awards 2017.


Swisscontact began its activities in Myanmar in 2014 and is currently implementing a flagship SDC-funded Program called the Vocational Skills Development Program (VSDP). The Program’s overall goal is gainful and market demand-driven employment or self-employment and better income for disadvantaged women and men in targeted areas of Myanmar. The First Main Phase lasts until January 2018 and has three components. One of them is called the Hotel Training Initiative, which facilitates the increase of skilled men and women in the hospitality industry. By the end of this phase, the HTI Component will have trained 3,000 disadvantaged people in three hospitality-related occupations, more than 1,000 line staff as well as more than 500 hospitality instructors. Two further Main Phases are foreseen.

Swisscontact is a strong advocate of sustainable tourism and as such, Swisscontact became a silver partner of UNWTO this year to show its commitment to the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

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